Public Hearing on Annual Estimated Fees

September 28, 2023, 7-9 pm
Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church
996 East High Street, Elizabethtown, PA

The Municipal Emergency Services Authority of Lancaster County held a public hearing on its 2024 estimated fees on Sept. 28, 2023. The hearing was conducted in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipality

MESA prepared its estimated budget in conjunction with a local CPA firm to provide EMS services. The estimated operating budget for 2024 is $5,605,594.00. About 56% ($3.1M) of revenue is estimated to come from insurance reimbursement. About 42% ($2.4M) of revenue would be generated by fees. 

MESA’s estimated fees are based on a fair and equitable model. Unlike Northwest EMS’ current subscription-based model (which receives contributions from less than half of the residents who Northwest EMS serves), all property owners will pay a fair share – and all residents of member municipalities will benefit.

MESA will replicate the current benefits of a NWEMS subscription. For a single fee, all residents of member municipalities will receive:

• 24/7 readiness to answer the call

• No residual bills for 911 emergency services if your insurance pays

• 50% off your 911 emergency ambulance bill if you have no insurance or if your entire payment goes toward your insurance deductible

The method of assessment of estimated fees was calculated using Northwest EMS call volume by occupancy classification; county parcel and tax data, and individual municipal data.

Occupancy Classifications% of CallsTotal Fee / GroupBilling UnitsAnnal Fee / Unit
Residential Occupancies
Standard Dwelling Units (Single, Duplex, Towns, Apts)74.42%$1,720,995.0020,247$85.00
Assisted Living Residents6.03%$142,880.00304$470.00
Number of FTE Employees8.84%$257,240.0025,724$10.00
Acute Care Nursing Beds4.31%$102,365.00347$295.00
Resident Student1.11%$28,500.001,900$15.00
Public Assembly 
Event Venue Occupancy0.41%$9,950.001,990$5.00
Special Municipal & Other 
Miles of Road (auto accidents)4.89%$117,450.00405$290.00
Total Fee Generated by All Billing Units100.00%$2,379,380.00